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January 11, 2014

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This site lets you explore many of the connections between families who lived in the central Missouri counties of Camden, Cole, Cooper, Miller, Moniteau, Morgan and parts of some adjacent counties during the 1800s and early 1900s. Also included are several ancestral lines extending back to the American Colonies and some to Europe. Such ancestral lines are not complete since any branch that did not come to Missouri has been stopped at one generation with only those coming to Missouri presently in the databases because of space limitations.

The data presented here is minimal on purpose to permit more people to be included. The emphasis is upon those family members who were in this area of central Missouri during the 1800s and very early 1900s. Branches of families that left this central region of Missouri are generally included for only one generation after they left although I may have more information in my master database if you ask!

I have omitted Notes and burial details about individuals in order to include more people. Please contact me for information about Notes and other details I may have and sources for any of the information.


The main database has grown through my own continuing research utilizing census records, county family history books, and various online sources. Contributions of many individuals by sending me a GEDCOM file or other forms of data about their families has permitted making many connections and correcting approximated years and is gratefully acknowledged.

Email me questions, corrections/new data, or comments at

PLEASE include "cenmofamilies" AND the county name as the subject!

I extend my Thanks to all who have submitted data. My composite master file is documented with the source(s) of the information although I may not have the submitter's original sources. However, those sources do not show in these online databases on purpose. Please contact me if you have any questions or data to add!

I am not personally related to every family in these databases, only a few of them! A link to my own ancestral families is at the bottom of this page. A link to other family web sites is just below the counties search page links.

I filter out ALL DATA ABOUT LIVING PRSONS born after 1914 to protect privacy! Deceased people born after 1914 are shown, however, if at least one parent is also deceased.

Disclaimer: The data in the Central Missouri Databases is presented for private use only. Extraction of data for use on commercial sites is forbidden. Although I do my best to assure accurate data, never assume any source of data is totally trustworthy until you have personally checked it. The data is correct only to whatever extent the original provider or other source was accurate. I am sure there are some errors in both my records and those of others who have submitted files to me.

If you find any error(s), PLEASE notify me ASAP so it(they) can be corrected!

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I may or may not have more data about some people although you will need to send me a query in order to find out. Please include Central MO Families AND the county name as the subject of your query.

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