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January 05, 2013

A Brief Autobiography


Hi! I'm Jerrold T. Haldiman, more commonly called Jerry. I was raised and received my early schooling a few miles north of North Kansas City in Clay Co., Missouri. On a current map, my home was in the present Village of Oakview.

After graduating from North Kansas City High in 1949, I went on to Park College graduating in 1953 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and then went into the Army (Korean War) for a couple of years. After separation from the Army, I earned my Master of Science in Zoology degree at Kansas State University at Manhattan in 1957. Following a year of further graduate study at the University of Minnesota in St. Paul, I taught college biology courses for a year (1958-59) at the University of Dubuque in Iowa and also married Jean Vandruff from Clay County, Missouri. The next year we moved to Manhattan, Kansas were I did further graduate study and research at Kansas State University. Our daughter was born there in 1960. In 1961 we moved to Canton, Missouri where I began teaching several courses in college biology at Culver-Stockton College. Our son was born in Quincy, Illinois in 1962. After serving as senior professor for several years, I took leave and during the summer of 1971 we returned to Manhattan, Kansas for full-time graduate study and research. While there I also was a temporary instuctor of anatomy in K-State's College of Veterinary Medicine. After earning my Doctor of Philosophy degree at Kansas State University in 1973, we returned to Culver-Stockton College where I reassumed the senior professor position teaching biology again as well as served as Financial Aid Officer for the College. In August 1974, I became an Assistant Professor of Veterinary Anatomy and Fine Structure and joined in team-teaching the first year students in the veterinary professional curriculum at Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine in Baton Rouge. Curriculum development and coordination of the first year teaching schedule for four departments were major functions as well as developing histology slides for instruction.

Beginning in 1980, investigating the structure and function of bowhead whale anatomy and the microanatomy of the skin and respiratory aystem were major research interests for about ten years. Several scientific journal articles, annual reports to the funding agency, and a co-authored book chapter on bowhead whale anatomy and physiology were published.

I retired from the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine in mid-May 1993 after spending eight years administering the physical aspects of the entire School as Assistant to the Dean for Facility Planning and Development. Duties included assisting in the development of and maintaining oversight of all building renovations and additions to the School of over 348,000 sq. ft. Other duties included oversight of custodial services, oversight of in-house maintenance functions, and oversight of the School motor pool.

I now devote my time mostly to genealogical research on my ancestors and the various affiliated families. My first genealogy book about my Haldiman history and genealogy was published in 1996.

In addition to continually adding to and maintaining the Central Missouri Database of individuals with ties to Miller, Moniteau, and Morgan counties, I also am the sys-op for e-mail lists for cousins in my Madole, Adcock, Dooley and Ross families. If you are related to any of these four families, let me know the relationship and I will be very happy to add your name to the appropriate mailing list.

Hobbies include collecting pattern glass and woodworking.

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