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January 05, 2013

These pages are about my ancestral families who lived in central Missouri during the mid 1800s with some descendants still living there. Ancestral lines for each family as far as presently known are also included.

My maternal ancestors from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and France arrived in Pennsylvania and Virginia during the mid 1700s. Their descendants moved on to the Carolinas in the late 1700s with later descendents moving on to Tennessee and Kentucky in the early 1800s. Some moved directly from Virginia westward to Kentucky and Tennessee also in the early 1800s. Children of these Kentucky and Tennessee families then moved on to ultimately settle their own families in Miller and Morgan counties in central Missouri.

My paternal surname ancestors came over from Switzerland in the late 1830s entering through the port of New York and settling first in Tuscarawas county, Ohio, for several years before moving westward to Moniteau county, Missouri in the mid 1850s. Other paternal-side ancestors arrived in the early 1850s also settling in Tuscarawas county, Ohio, moving on to Moniteau county in central Missouri during the mid and late 1850s.

I am interested in sharing and receiving information about my various family lines. I extend my Thanks to all who have submitted data to me so far. My family database has grown through the contributions of many others as well from my own research. If you are related to any of my families, Iinvite you to send me a GEDCOM or other type file .

If you find any error(s), PLEASE notify me ASAP so it(they) can be corrected!

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Central Missouri Families Searchable Database

In addition to the above, I have eight searchable databases of not only my ancestral families but also allied families plus many, many other families with roots primarily in the central Missouri counties of Miller, Moniteau and Morgan with some from parts of surrounding Benton, Camden, Cole, Cooper, Maries, Osage, Pettis, and Pulaski counties. My master file is mostly documented with the source(s) of the information although the online database presents only minimal information on purpose.

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